Rubinology Faux-Fone

Do you ever get tired of seeing the SAME people all the time at work and having to say the obligatory 'Hi' 1000X per day? Sometimes this gets reduced to a nod of course, but other times you get sucked into some non-discussion about nothing when you actually may be on your way to use the toilet or something. I have a solution for you! The Faux-Fone! As soon as you see an individual you recognize coming down the hall and you're pretty sure they haven't noticed you first, just take out your cell phone, and look at it pretending to text or search your contacts or whatever (just move your thumb around the pad - you don't need to really press anything). As soon as they've passed (cause they also have a desire to avoid the obligatory salutations most likely) - and they've said nothing - you can just put it back in your pocket. DONE!


Mandikat said...

is THAT why you're always on the phone in the hallways? I just thought you were telling someone else how excited you were to see me.

Mandikat said...

Ah. Yes, I am often dry. Turns out, though, people usually can't tell in person either. My tone of voice is uncomfortably bland most of the time as well. Heh, sorry about that. :)