Rubinology Ball-Blues

Ever since I was a kid I was a baseball nut. Mets Mets Mets - that's all I could think about during the summer months - that's all I would watch on TV. Pre-game. Post-game. Double-header. 162-game season. Endless playoffs. Then I didn't watch baseball for years during college and when I got a job.

Suddenly I began watching soccer - brilliant - fast - exciting - non-stop...and over in a couple of hours tops. Now I started watching baseball again for some reason. Good GOD it's slow and nothing REALLY happens!!! All now of a sudden there's even more divisions and more post-season playoffs...yadda-yadda-yadda. What the HELL was I doing as a teenager? I mean, it's fun to play - sort of - but most of the time everyone's just STANDING AROUND!!! Now I feel like I have to rethink my whole LIFE!!!

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