Rubinology goes Republican

Wait - did everyone hear the same horrendous speech read by Sarah Palin last night that I did? Ignoring all the childish, facetious jibes and the endless 'we need a real gutsy hero for a president' jibberish and rhetoric sens any actual policy statements (amidst cowboy-hat-waving yahoos), all the reviews made it seem that she had overnight became some kind of Babe Ruth of oration.

I thought about this as I went to sleep and when I awoke I thought to myself, 'Geez! I actually PREFER CHENEY! At least his is an honest to goodness malicious and evil sentiment. Not one spoon-fed to him to satiate someone else's appetite.'

Ya know - I lived as a Democrat under McCain as a senator in Arizona for three years in the 90s and never thought ill of him...even throughout this campaign... until now. I was always going to vote for a Democrat no matter what, but this choice is just downright disappointing for an ex-Arizonan! Maybe it's not too late for him to switch and take Liz Cheney or something as his running mate...or what about Dick himself? Is there anything in the Constitution against that? FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Although Cheney has a sharp wit and is a decent speaker, he is one of the worst VP in the history of the USA. Three words to describe him: oil, oil, oil. Is it blatantly obvious that the Bush admin could care less about the welfare of american citizens, or humanity for that matter.

Like you, I never really though badly of McCain, but his decision to choose Palin as a running mate is "real low class."

Disturbing fact #43: Palin is "pro life" including in cases of rape and incest. Even Cindy McCain disagreed with her on this one.