Rubinology Furnace Whoas

After years of being a benign renter I've become a malignant homeowner. Within two hours of 'closing' the furnace cleaner guy from the city informed me that I needed to spend $3,500 on a new furnace (although the inspector didn't find the problem - although to his credit he did find a roof problem that the sellers did concede $3000 on).

After a host of sagas with insurance folks trying to sell me builders' models furnaces and the sellers' real estate agent trying to blame the furnace cleaner guy from the city for 'breaking' it (although it had a cracked heat exchange that was pre-existent) I got about $1,100 towards a new one. However, I went so far over on my cell phone minutes to get it that I count it really as being only $950.

Now almost two months later and going through one hassle after another I'm finally getting one. Here is the culprit (note the Red Tag it was awarded by the furnace cleaner guy from the city - it is given only to those furnaces in such poor shape that their operation would cause imminent death to the household residents if actually turned on).

Strangely enough, now that I know it will be going, I'm starting to actually miss it. My two year old son likes to look at it daily and say "Crap! Throw away! New fur-ass". I've shown it to friends and loved ones and have told my near litigatable yarns about it. But there it just stands closeted as a shamed metallic behemoth without any purpose. It's sad. But tomorrow when it's gone I think I'll regret that I'd never even had the pleasure of feeling it's heat, knowing it's particular on and off sounds like an old car one used to own. Then again it cost me over three grand to replace the bastard so to hell with it.

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